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Flow Restriction Principle approach to noninvasive arterial blood pressure determination -- a method for highly accurate waveform recording.

For Illustration of Principle, click here

The Flow Restriction Principle for accurate recording of the blood pressure waveform was first described in 1981 ( Aaslid R, Brubakk AO. Accuracy of an ultrasound Doppler servo method for noninvasive determination of instantaneous and mean arterial blood pressure. Circulation. 1981;64:753-9 )

An animated illustration of this method using a complex mathematical model can be found on a separate page. Size of Java applet download only about 32kB. (Your browser must be Java applet enabled to perform solution of the differential equations. -- Free Java Runtime plugin is available from Sun Microsystems)

A JavaScript Version of the model is available here (Only recommended for Internet Explorer or Opera browsers if the current Java Applet does not run on your system).

Conventional Ultrasound Doppler Method for Systolic Blood Pressure Determination

The animated simulation of this method is found here. Note that Internet Explorer 5.5 (or newer) with JavaScript enabled is required.

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